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The Crossed Key Symbolism

The power of the key and all it represents has made it part of emblems, coats of arms, and a symbol to many important institutions, groups, societies and so on. The image of two keys crossed together is one of the many varieties of symbols a key is used in. In old times the crossed […]

Keys In Japanese Mythology

The enchanting shape of the key appears in Japanese mythology as well. We hear about it in the stories about ancient gods and adventures about mythological heroes. So, how do Japanese people see keys? What kind of meaning have the keys had in their past? There are various stories and one of them is about […]

The Keys Of Solomon

We all want to lock or unlock something. Unlock knowledge, meaning, treasure, love and so on. And our desire for locking and unlocking has not started recently but in ancient times. Even king Solomon had his very important keys. They have a special meaning as well. The so called “Key of Solomon” is a book […]